Automate your work with Microsoft Excel

Include Excel spreadsheets in your business workflows, applications and service deliveries. No coding required.

Automate your work with Microsoft ExcelInteractive webform driven by Microsoft Excel webserviceMicrosoft Excel Worksheet used as Excel Webservice (API)Microsoft Excel
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Employ Excel to do the boring, repetitive work

Get the most out of your existing Excel files, knowledge, and skills. With Businesslogic it is easy to incorporate Excel sheets into intelligent solutions that work for you 24/7.

Excel powered company workflows


Include Excel spreadsheets into your company workflows

Excel powered web, mobile and server applications


Make Excel spreadsheets a part of your web, mobile or server applications

Excel driven business services that you can sell


Turn Excel spreadsheets into web services or products that you can monetize

Why should I use Businesslogic?

With Businesslogic your Excel Automation setup will take minutes, not weeks - no coding needed. You can start today.

No-code digitalization

Introduce services and processes that open up for an end-to-end digital setup. offers faster development using Excel


Free up time from manual, tedious, repetitive tasks and unlock time for more valuable, creative work.


Get the most out of your existing assets, knowledge and skills to supercharge your creativity and productivity.

Cost reduction

Remove development costs and manual touch points in your company workflows.

Get started today!

The only thing it requires is your interest to benefit from Excel Automation. So please sign up, and we will help with the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I consider using Businesslogic?

Businesslogic is a codeless, secure and easy way to make your Microsoft Excel models available for integration.

What is Excel automated workflow?

Excel automated workflows are human workflows where Excel models and computations support human actions at required touchpoints of the business process.

Typically Excel files are shared within the organisation, versioned, and used for manual input only. Some may have experienced that process as demotivating and less productive.

However, with Businesslogic, such files can become input forms, interactive configurators, website visuals, calculators, chatbots, mobile apps, and much more, supporting human actions exactly where they require data inputs or information.

How do I get started with Excel driven automation?

You can start by uploading Excel files you already use in your company and creating a web service (API) with input and outputs.

Your Excel web service can then be integrated into your business workflows through a variety of integration options. Check our guide on integration options.

What is a web service?

A web service or API (Application Programming Interface) is a language to communicate with software.

Businesslogic turns your Excel models into web services to be understood by other software or developers.

Creating a web service with Businesslogic doesn't require any programming. You can start by uploading your Excel document and following the guide to set up your web service.

You can then use online no-code integration tools (like Integromat) to integrate your web services into workflows and applications, or you can share them with a developer.

The developer won't need to understand the Excel models behind your computations, just your web service's inputs and outputs. With this information, the developer will be able to integrate your Excel models in just about any software, saving lots of time.

Can I earn money on web services?

Yes, if you have relevant knowledge that is in demand, you can model that knowledge, data, and computations in Excel and publish it as a web service (API) using Businesslogic.

You can then monitize your web service through different API Marketplaces, such as or similar.

Do you offer a product free trial?

Yes, by registering for an account you automatically start on a free 14-day trial. No credit card data is required.

Are you looking for a custom solution or require help?

We are a strong team of exerts behind Businesslogic and we are ready to deliver what you need. Let's have a talk.