Create API using Excel in minutes

Any complex spreadsheet model can be published as a JSON based REST service

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It takes three simple steps



You upload Excel spreadsheet with all your calculations, data and formulas to



You decide which Excel cells are input and output and publish your Excel business logic as a web service.



Your development team can now connect to your business logic from across different platforms.

Key benefits

Business logic online helps you eliminate time wasted in between development processes and cross unit collaboration. offers faster development using Excel

Faster development

Eliminate time consuming and tedious business logic programming and use logic already built into Excel spreadsheets. offers better cross unit collaboration with Excel knowledge sharing

Better collaboration

Make business units active participants in the development process by using their Excel spreadsheet models. offers easier maintenance with simple Excel file upload

Easier maintenance

Any business logic update is done by business units in spreadsheet format. Development teams don’t have to be involved in maintenance.